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The Return of DIY

After a long hiatus, DIY Games is up and running again. The site's fearless leader has a picture of his exploding car on the site and that sort of sums up what kind of year he's been having.

I will be returning to work with DIY, partially out of loyalty to Greg - he took a chance on me and it's worked out pretty well for both of us. Mostly because it is a nice conduit into the indie community. Also, I like the atmosphere there quite a bit. The staff has expanded some, and since Jozef Purdes will be back with his excellent indie adventure game column, I see no reason to stop associating myself with such an interesting feature.

Eventually I will have to cut back my pro bono work - time is getting too precious. But DIY will be the last place I cut. Hope you can follow us to the head of the indie website pack.


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