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Meet the competition

There is a new wargaming blog that everyone interested in the topic should check out. Bruce Geryk will be writing a new wargaming column for Computer Gaming World and, to that end, has been given blog space on 1up.com.

My post title is, of course, a joke. Bruce is not competing with my blog, nor mine with his. Mine is more general strategy gaming (with some forays into gaming journalism and other issues) where his will be dedicated to wargames. I love wargames, but don't play nearly as many as I used to. He's twice the writer I am, too.

But if there is any opinion on wargames I take seriously, it's Bruce Geryk. In fact, he is one of a handful of gaming writers whose work I will actively seek out. So it is very exciting to have him blogging on a semi-regular basis.

Much of the content will be expanded forms of his columns, I think, but I hope he feels free to move beyond that share his wider opinions on the state of the hobby.


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