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While I'm talking about awards...

My homeland has announced the nominees for the first ever Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts. Dubbed the "Elan" awards, they will honor Canadian animators and game makers for their work.

Ubisoft cleans up in the nomination count, but I find it a little worrying that the only PC games they could think to recognize were the good but not great Supreme Ruler 2010 (from Battlegoat) and Doodlebops Club House Games (a Cookie Jar game based on a very colorful children's show).

Not sure what the release date cut-off was, but the absence of Canadian superstar Bioware (Jade Empire was a month earlier than SR2010) is surprising.

Good luck to Battlegoat. My CGM review called their game a "first draft of the future" and the germs of an excellent strategy game developer are certainly there. (I wish no ill to the Doodlebops game, but I'm still not sure what exactly a Doodlebop is.)


Blogger BattleGoat Studios said...

Ran across this post in a random google search - from the BattleGoat team, thank you for the 'good luck' wishes.

Yes, it is a bit odd that there was so little competition in the category, but we just barely made the date cut-off ourselves, and a lot of the larger studios released only console titles over that period.

What is it that they say at the Oscars? "The honour is just in being nominated". We are certainly very pleased that a strategy game that is "off the mainstream radar" has made it to the nominations, not just in the Best PC Game category, but also the Innovation category.

It gives us a nice boost as we finish up adding new content and updates to our original title, and start planning and working on our next project. Hopefully we can make good on our potential as an "excellent strategy game developer"!

Thanks again for your comments,

-- George Geczy, Lead Programmer, BattleGoat Studios

8/16/2006 01:19:00 AM  

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