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Gaming News?

Can anyone clue me in as to how the renewal of Battlestar Galactica remotely qualifies as gaming news? I'm not going to tell another site what's important and what's not, but the contract renewal of a sci-fi program is not game related. Given the number of army shooters out there, news from Iraq qualifies as gaming news more than the continuing production of a show with no related game.

But, once again, this reinforces the place of gaming in so-called geek culture. If you game, you must like science fiction, you probably role play and know a lot of about comics. Somehow, these hobbies and interests have become inseparably linked in the minds of people who write about games.

Are these connections still typical, though? One could certainly argue that the "geeks" of the early 80s were the early adopters of computer and video games. But now I find it hard to sustain that stereotype. Most of the gamers I know have no interest in Star Trek and less in Battlestar Galactica. I certainly don't buy comics - never have - though I will confess to reading my college roommate's Spiderman comics.

Maybe Evil Avatar is staffed by a bunch of geeks who are really interested in this stuff. But please don't tell me that it's gaming news.


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